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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Net Weigh Filling Scales with Container Indexing

Our linear net weigh systems with integrated container indexing systems will automatically fill your jars, cans, cups, clamshells, trays, cartons, boxes, ...

Bulk material is carefully metered into a weigh hopper (i.e. net weighed) using two-speed (bulk / dribble) flow control.  Then, the precisely weighed material is dumped directly into your container.

An automatic, conveyorized indexing system moves the filled container out of the filling position and replaces it with an empty container.

Indexing Systems are ideal for packaging any dry, free flowing material: Candy, Coffee, Grains, Hardware, Pet Foods, Beans, Pills, Nuts & Bolts, Plastic Resins, Snack Foods, Donut Holes, Fresh-cut Vegetables and Fruits, IQF Frozen Foods...

Container Filling & Indexing Scale Photo
Typical 4-lane, Automatic Cup Filling Line Shown

Machine Features

  • Pre-weighs Material (Net Weight) and Fills into Empty Container
  • 100% Stainless Steel for Easy Cleaning and Sanitary Operation
  • Removable Supply Hoppers for Easy Cleaning and Changeover
  • Heavy-duty Vibratory Feeder with Stainless Steel Feed Pan
  • Customized Stainless Steel Weigh Hoppers & Discharge Funnels
  • Allen-Bradley PLC Controller
  • Built in Calibration Function (Requires separate calibration weights)
  • Recipe Storage of over 15 Parameters per Job
  • Available with Power or Gravity-fed Indexing Conveyors
  • Initial Factory Setup and Testing Insures Quick Start-up 
  • Made in the USA

Options / Accessories

  • Multi-lane Indexing Conveyors
  • Reject Chutes for Overweighments (prevents giveaway)
  • Integration with Upstream and Downstream Machinery
  • Multi-Lane, Multi-Feeder and Larger Sizes

Machine Specifications

Material Type
Dry & Free Flowing
Feed Method
Linear, Vibratory - 2-speed
Weighment Range
2 ounces to 25 pounds
0.1% of Full Capacity
Up to 30+ Dumps / Min
0.1 CFM @ 40 PSI
115 V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase

* Accuracy and Speed vary with Product Characteristics (Call for a product evaluation)