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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Model F-100 & F-100X Machine Dimensions

F-100 Linear Net Weight scales are ideal for packaging any dry, free-flowing material: Candy, Grains, Hardware, Pet Foods, Beans, Pills, Nuts & Bolts, Foods...  The standard-size F-100 is useful for most weighing applications.

However, for products with lower densities (e.g. popcorn, dried vegetables, potato chips, corn chips, etc...) an "oversized" version called the F-100X is often required.  An F-100X has a slightly bigger frame to support its larger-volume supply hopper,  feeder pan, and weigh hopper.

Following are drawings showing dimensions of the F-100 and the F-100X.*

F-100 Net Weigh Scale - Standard Dimensions

F-100 Right Side View

F-100 Top View

F-100X Net Weigh Scale - "Oversized" Dimensions

F-100X Right Side View

F-100X Top View

- See Detail Photos of the F-100 Configured for 5# Coffee Weighing !! -

* Scale dimensions are subject to change.  Some dimensions may be customized for unique applications.