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"Wolverine" Mechanical Gross Weigh Bagging Scale

The "Wolverine" scale is our most economical gross weigh bagging scale.  Grossweigh Bagging is a weighing process wherein your product is weighed directly into its final container - a bag in this case.

The Wolverine is a gravity feed, gross weigh scale designed to fill non-dusty, free-flowing products into 20# to 110# bags.

The Wolverine Scale's weighing mechanism is about as simple as it gets!  Simply hang the empty bag on the cam-grip spout, then pull the trip lever to start the filling process.  A mechanical counter-weight / counter-balance system automatically shuts-off product flow when the desired target weight is reached.

Designed for filling almost all Open-mouth bag styles - Kraft Paper, Multi-wall Paper, Polyethylene, Woven Polypropylene, and Burlap / Woven - gusset and non-gusset.

Great for products like plastic resins, prill fertilizers, rice, salt, cous-cous, seed, grain, corn, dry feeds, and many more!

Wolverine Mechanical Bag Filling Scale Photo

Machine Features

  • Gravity Feed, Single-speed, Mechanical (Counterbalance) Weighing Assembly
  • Cam Grip Bag Spout (available in 22” and 29” circumference – select one)**
  • For Uniform, Non-dusty, Free-flowing Products Only!
  • Mild Steel Construction with Mild Steel Product Contact Parts
  • Includes 65-pounds (or 50 kg [specify desired UOM] in Counterweight Set

Options / Accessories

  • Corrosion Resistant 304 Stainless Steel Contact Parts
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Scale Support Pedestal (with Casters)
  • 5-digit, Resettable Cycle Counter

Machine Specifications

Material Type
Non-Dusty, Free Flowing
Feed Method
Weighment Range
20 to 110 Pounds
Accuracy **
+/- 4-6 oz
Speed (Maximum)**
5-6 BPM
Inlet Width
Inlet Length
Overall Height
Machine Weight
175 Pounds
Not Required
Not Required

** Accuracy and Speeds vary with Product Characteristics (Call for a product evaluation)