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Troubleshooting Tips and Part # Information

6128 Gross Weigh Scale (Bemis / Thiele Technologies)

Following are recommended tips for troubleshooting Bemis and Thiele 6128 Gross Weigh Bagging Scale problems.  You will also find a list of part numbers and descriptions for commonly used parts.

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Preventative Maintenance & Proper Use Tips*

Area of Machine

Advice / Technique

Machine Set-up and Adjustment

(Applies to 6128 Scale)

We will gladly try to talk you through proper set-up of your machine - Call us!

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Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks*

Problem Possible Cause & Solution

Scale is Inoperative:

(Applies to 6128 Scale)

Air or electrical supply not connected.

Solution: Check pneumatic and electrical connections to the scale.

Controller circuits are locked.

Solution: Push E-Stop/Abort switch to reset circuits, then pull out on the switch to run the scale.

Fuse FU1 in the controller box is blown.

Solution: Check for blown fuse and replace.

Battery on the controller power supply/display card is dead (Models manufactured before 1998 only.**)

Solution: Replace the battery with an equivalent 3.0V lithium battery.  (See scale manual for more detailed instruction on battery replacement.

Scale Indicates "NO BAG" when there is a bag in place [on newer scales with a GSE scale controller]. (The purpose of this feature is to prevent the scale from feeding material when a bag is not in place to catch it)

(Applies to 6128 Scale)

Scale is designed to execute the preprogrammed "start delay", then Tare out the bag weight, then look for 0.14# of material to enter the bag within a short period of time after starting the bulk fill process.  If 0.14# of gross weight is not detected, the scale will register a "NO BAG" error.

Start Delay is Not Long Enough to allow Load Cell to Stabilize and correctly detect the 0.14#  gross weight.

Solution: Increase Start Delay in the program.

Dirt or product accumulation on the load cell is preventing the load cell from deflecting fast enough to register the required +0.14# gross weight.

Solution: Clean the Load Cell.

Cable ties around the air lines or the air lines themselves are too tight and are restricting free movement of the scale head.

Solution: Make sure the air hoses connected to the bag spout are not too tight.  Remove excessively tight cable ties or install longer air lines if necessary.

Bag Releases Before Being Up to Weight:

(Applies to 6128 Scale)

Air pressure to bag clamps or bag holder cylinders is too low to hold bag.

Solution: Increase pressure.  Pressure should be set to approximately 60 PSI

Bag Clamp or Bag Holder Facing is worn.

Solution: Replace the rubber facing.

Unclamp delay time is set too short.

Solution: Increase unclamp delay time.

Bag clamp(s) diaphragm is leaking.

Solution: Replace defective diaphragm(s).

What Trouble are you Having?:

(Applies to 6128 Scale)

Contact us with your 6128 Scale problems. We will post the solution here!  Watch here for more Solutions, Tips, and Tricks!

* Machine troubleshooting & repairs should only be attempted by a qualified mechanic or electrician.  Power should always be disconnected prior to troubleshooting.

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Please see your factory instruction manual for additional troubleshooting tips.
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Common Replacement & Wear Parts

Parts for 6128 Gross Weigh Scale
Part # Description
82618 Diaphragm (for Bag Clamp Assembly)
82619 Rubber Facing (for Bag Clamp Assembly)
5833 Spring (for Bag Clamp Assembly)
**176113A Scale Controller Chip (eliminates potential program loss due to dead battery in scale controller!)
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