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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

 - SOLD -  Light-duty Incline Conveyor - SOLD!  - SOLD - 

Slider Bed Incline (Flat or Incline) - Supports bag weight during continuous bag sealing operations.

This unit was purchased and used by a customer for about one week prior to them deciding on using a different conveyor design.

This 4' OAL x 14" Belt Width machine was built in 2008, is very lightly used, and is available for immediate shipment.

We currently have one (1) 2008 Slider / Incline Conveyor available.  This machine is excess inventory and has only been lightly used.  Call us today for more information! 1-800-785-6785

Used 4' Conveyor Photo

Detailed Photos

Machine Features

  • Slider Bed Conveyor with 48” (4’) OAL with 14” Wide, Black, Groove-top Belt
  • DC Electrical Variable Speed Drive for 300-500 IPM Speed
  • 2" Diameter Head and 1" Diameter Tail Pulleys
  • 12-Gauge Steel Frame
  • Adjustable Supports for 27” TOB Level Height - can be set to 22" to 31" Maximum Incline
  • Finish: Blue Enamel Finish on Mild Steel Frame
  • Electrical: 120 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase

Machine Specifications

Speed Range (Electrical Variable)
300-500 IPM (25-42 FPM)
120 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase