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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

D-95HD Sewing System (Stitch over Tape)

The Doboy D-95HD Sewing System squarely trims the bag top, applies a folded piece of tape across the bag top, then sews through the tape.

An excellent sealing method if you need a sewn closure but want to minimize sifting and dust escape through the bag closure.

Typical applications are Salt, Charcoal, Pet Food, Chemicals, Foods. 

Features - Options - Specifications

Standard Features

  • Doboy D-95A Sewing Head with Patented "Swing Needle"
  • Full-Length Heavy Duty Carrier Chains for Bag Top Control
  • Bag Top Trimmer Assembly
  • Precision Tape Fold and Overlay System with Tape Cutter
  • Integral Sewing Head Start/Stop Switch
  • Automatic Thread Cutter with Air Venturi Chip Collection
  • Internal Gravity Feed Lubrication System
  • Vertically Adjustable Two-Post Floor Stand
  • Right to Left Feed Direction
  • Variable Speed Drive Assembly
  • Made in the USA

Options / Accessories

  • Casters for Portability
  • High Speed Range (480 to 600 IPM)
  • Extended Infeed
  • Spare D-95A Sewing Head
  • Salt Modifications for Corrosive Environments
  • Provisions for "Unsupported" Materials (Woven Poly / Polypro)
  • Tape and Thread Break Detector
  • Heavy Duty Thread and Tape Chip Collection System
  • Ink Coder (0.5" or 0.75" Type)
  • Rip Tape "AR" System for Easy Open Bags
  • Custom Electrical Configurations

D-95HD Specifications

Stitch Type 1 or 2 Thread
Stitch Height 30" to 54"
Stitch Length (Stitches Per Inch) 3.45 - Fixed
Maximum Thread Cone 20 Lbs
Tape Width 1.25 to 2.5"
Machine Speed (Standard) 360 to 480 IPM
Overall Length 49.75"
Overall Width 39.5"
Overall Height 116"
Machine Weight 800 lbs (363 kg)
Pneumatic 10 CFM @ 75 PSI
Electrical (NEMA 12 Standard) 220 V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase