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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Four-Bagger Conveyorized Bag Sewing System

Designed for efficient, single-operator bag filling and sewing!  Use with Paper and Woven Poly Bags.

Conveyor supports bag weight during bag sewing operation.  Bag drops from customer’s scale onto conveyor and moves toward sewing station.  Just before reaching sewing station infeed, bag trips a feather switch that stops conveyor motion.

Operator hangs next bag for filling, then reforms bag top, depresses footswitch to ½-way position to restart conveyor.  As bag nears sewing machine infeed, operator depresses footswitch all the way to start the sewing machine.  Operator releases switch at end of sewing process to stop the sewing machine.

4-Bagger Conveyor Shown

Machine Features

  • 8’ OAL Conveyor with 12” Wide Black Belt
  • Adjustable Floor Supports for 11” to 21” Nominal TOB Elevation
  • 6” Diameter Head and Tail Pulleys on 6” Thick Steel Channel Frame***
  • Adjustable Rear Bag Guide
  • Includes Adjustable Sewing Pedestal with Mount for Portable Sewing Head*
  • Conveyor Stand Includes Mounting to Support 5# Thread Cones**
  • Electrical Controls: On/Off Switch, Feather Switch for Conveyor Stop, and 2-position Pedal
  • 1/2 HP Variable Speed Motor, Mounted Internally
  • Shipped Fully-Assembled***
  • Industrial Enamel Finish
  • Electrical: 120 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase or 240 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase (select one)

Options / Accessories

  • Casters for Conveyor Portability
  • 400 Series Sewing Pedestal (without Conveyor, no controls)
  • Series 500 Conveyor for Sewing - Smaller Frame, Smaller Pulleys, and Partially Assembled***
  • Four-Bagger Conveyor withOUT Sewing Pedestal
  • Newlong NP-7A Portable Sewing Machine

Machine Specifications

1/2 HP
Overall Length
Belt Width
Standard Adjustment Height
11" to 21" TOB
120 V or 240 V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase

* Sewing Head is NOT included.  Support stand is suitable for mounting portable sewing heads like the Fischbein Model F or Newlong NP-7A.  For most efficient use of 4-Bagger System, sewing head must be plugged into conveyor controls and trigger switch must be clamped or taped into the closed position so that machine starts/stops via foot pedal control.

** If you are presently using small 8 oz. thread cones on your handheld sewing head, the 4-Bagger System will allow you to switch to more economical 5# thread cones.

*** The Series 500 Conveyor is a similar-size, but lighter-duty version of the 4-Bagger Conveyor.  The Series 500 Conveyor is built with 4" Head and Tail Pullets, a 4" Steel Channel Frame, and is shipped Partially Assembled - requires 1-2 hours of Customer Assembly.