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Replacement Motor Kit for Doughboy HS-B & HS-C Sealers

The original Bodine V-10R AC Motor used on Doughboy / Doboy HS-B and HS-C series sealers from the late 1960's through the early 1990's is no longer available as a replacement part.  If your Bodine V-10R motor dies, BaggingGuys offers two replacement alternatives:

1) Used Bodine V-10R Motor - Periodically, we have used Bodine motors available for sale.  Before you call us, please measure the diameter of your current Bodine motor's output shaft (the one to which the blower wheel is attached.)  Its diameter will either be 0.218" (7/32") or 0.25" (1/4".)  Contact us about current availability.

2) New Carter Motor Conversion Kit - A conversion kit to replace your Bodine motor and gear reducer with a new Carter AC motor is available.  The following Features & Specifications describe this kit in more detail.

Motor replacement (used or new conversion) requires significant disassembly of the sealer.  To insure proper post-install setup and operation, BaggingGuys recommends sending your sealer to us for evaluation and installation of your replacement motor.  Click here for details about our Ship-In Repair Service.

Doughboy HS-Series Replacement Motor Kit Photo
Replacement Carter Motor Kit for Doboy HS-B & HS-C

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  • New AC Replacement Motor Kit for Bodine Motors on Doughboy HS-B and HS-C Sealers
  • Carter Motor Kit adds Approximately 2.42 pounds to Sealer Weight (not ideal for handheld use)
  • Carter Motor Output Shaft (where the blower wheel is attached) Diameter is 0.218" (7/32")
  • Requires 0.218" ID (7/32") Blower Wheel #722-00242U218
  • Kit includes all Required Adapters and Mounting Plates (Note: Blower Components NOT included)

Options / Accessories

Power Rating
0.008 HP
115 Volts
5-pounds, 1-ounce

This Carter Motor Kit is designed to replace the original Bodine V10R

Motor on the Doughboy HS-B and HS-C Portable Heat Sealers!