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Options for the Doboy HS-CII Bag Sealer

Doboy HS-CII with Tool Kit and Operating Manual

Each new Doboy HS-CII includes an Operator's Manual, Tool Kit, and C-clamp (pictured below)

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Common Options Available for the Doboy HS-CII Continuous Heat Sealer:

Doboy HS-CII with Optional Cast Iron Mounting Base

Made of Cast Iron, this adjustable stand allows

HS-Series sealers to be used on a tabletop.

The bracket can be pivoted to adjust the

sealer angle for maximum operator access.

Cast Iron Base for Doboy HS-BII Sealer

Optional Cast Iron Mounting Base

Allows sealer to easily be moved between

operator work stations.

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Doboy HS-CII with C-Clamp Mounting Bracket

The C-clamp allows the Doboy HS-CII to be attached

to the edge of a table or bench.  The bracket

angle is adjustable for maximum operator access.

Clamp opens to maximum 1.75".

C-clamp for Doboy HS-BII Sealer

C-Clamp and Mounting Bracket

(Included with all new HS-II Series sealers)

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