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Replacement Blower Housing for Doughboy HS-B Sealers

The plastic blower housing (Doboy Part # 539-00201) used on the Doughboy HS-B sealers is no longer available.  For our own use on pre-owned Doboy HS-B sealers and for our service customers who send HS-Bs for repairs and preventative maintenance, BaggingGuys has developed a durable replacement for the original HS-B blower housing.

The blower wheel and blower assembly are essential to proper operation of the HS-B sealer.  The blower components add load to the motor to prevent it from running too fast and also move air around the motor to cool it.  Continued operation of the HS-B without a blower assembly will result in reduced life of your sealer’s motor.

Doughboy HS-B Replacement Blower Housing Photo
Replacement Blower Housing shown on Doboy HS-B

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  • Safety Guard for HS-B's Centrifugal Blower Wheel
  • Insures Proper Load and Cooling Capability for HS-B Sealer's Bodine V-10R and Carter Motors
  • Mounts using original Blower Back Plate (must drill one additional hole in back plate)
  • Replaces Discontinued Doughboy HS-B Blower Housing # 539-00201
  • Thick ABS Plastic Construction - More Durable than the Original Doboy Bower Housing
  • Easier Installation / Removal than Original Blower Housing
3.5"  OD
3.25 ounces

This blower housing is designed to replace the original blower housing

 on the Doughboy HS-B and Doboy HS-B Portable Rotary Heat Sealers!