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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Troubleshooting Tips and Part # Information

Doboy CBS-DM / SIG Doboy CBS-DM Continuous Band Bag Sealers

Following are recommended tips for troubleshooting Doboy CBS-DM Continuous Band Sealer problems.  You will also find a list of part numbers and descriptions for commonly used parts.

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Preventative Maintenance & Proper Use Tips*

Area of Machine

Advice / Technique

General Machine Set-up:

(Applies to CBS-DM)

We will gladly try to talk you through proper set-up of your machine - Call us!

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Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks*

Problem Possible Cause & Solution

Sealer will not Operate

(Applies to 1997 & 1998 CBS-DMs)

Even though fuses are OK and power is connected to machine (i.e. neither drive motor nor cooling fan will turn on.)

Possible Cause: Loose Set Screw on Rotary Safety Interlock: Check set screw on safety interlock (for '97 and '98 machines). The rotary interlock switch is sensitive and will not function if set screw connecting it to the Door Closer Arm becomes loose. This interlock was replaced with a standard magnetic switch on post-1998 machines.

Solution: Reposition switch shaft and tighten screw. Machine should stop when door is open & operate when door is closed.

One Heat Element Does Not Get Hot

(Applies to CBS-DM)

Possible Cause: Heating Element wires may be loose or element is burned out.

Check connections at temperature controller. If both are tight, disconnect and check for continuity across heat element wires.

Solution: If no continuity, replace Heater Harness Assembly.

"E-7" Error Code on Temperature Controller Display

(Applies to CBS-DM)

Possible Cause: Thermocouple wires are loose or broken. Check thermocouple wires at temperature controller. Make sure connections are tight. If they are and "E-7" error still appears, detach wires from temperature controller and check for continuity across thermocouple wires.

Solution: If no continuity, replace thermocouple (i.e. Heater Harness Assembly.)

Motor will Not Operate

(Applies to CBS-DM)

(or operates intermittently) and Fuses #1 & #2 Blow frequently. Motor controller may display odd message and/or no message.

Possible Cause: Short circuit in motor controller. Remove fuses 1 & 2. Check resistance across terminals 7 & 8. Resistance should be high. If resistance is 0, then there is a short in the motor controller. Also, should have 8-20 ohm resistance across terminals 10 & 11, 10 & 12, and 11 & 12, otherwise there is likely a short circuit in the motor controller.

Solution: Replace motor controller module.

PROBLEM: Contact us

(Applies to CBS-DM)

Contact us with your problems. We will post the solution here! Watch here for more Solutions, Tips, and Tricks!

* Machine troubleshooting & repairs should only be attempted by a qualified mechanic or electrician.  Power should always be disconnected prior to troubleshooting.

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Please see your factory instruction manual for additional troubleshooting tips.
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Common Replacement & Wear Parts (available at

Parts for CBS-DM Series Machines
Spare Part # Description
8 * 401095 Sealing Band - Teflon Coated Fiberglass (2 / machine)
8 * 472278 Sealing Band - Slider Zipper - Teflon Coated Fiberglass (2 / machine)
2 * 396186 Heating Harness Assembly (i.e. Heating Element Assembly)
  401284 Bag Carrier Belt
  401275 Moveable Belt Guide
  401276 Stationary Belt Guide
  401179 Compression Spring - for Carrier Belt Guides
1 * 401327 Idler Pulley - Smooth
1 * 401329 Idler Pulley - 32T
  401380 Back-up Sleeve (Rubber Roller) - Replaced by #8-110-910-404
  8-110-910-404 Assy Back-up Sleeve (Rubber Roller) - Replaces #401380
  364181 Bearings [two (2) per each Compression Roller]
4 * 286763 Fuse - 6 Amp
2 * 292414 Fuse - 1 Amp
2 * 274878 Fuse - 7 Amp - Time Delay
1 * 299704 Relay - Solid State
  401434 Hose Coupling - Male Quick Disconnect
  401435 Hose Coupling - Female Quick Disconnect for 10mm OD x 8 mm ID Tube
  441613 Air Fitting - Universal Male Elbow - Quick Connect - Right-angle
  370711 Air Fitting - Quick Connect - T-shaped Union
* 372192 Trimmer Blade - for Powered Older Model Trimmers
2 * 472048 Trimmer Blade (Upper) - for newer DRD Powered Trimmer
2 * 489020 Trimmer Blade (Lower) - for newer DRD Powered Trimmer
2 * 472072 Trimmer Scrap Removal Belt - for newer DRD Powered Trimmer
2 * 472073 Trimmer Drive Belt - for newer DRD Powered Trimmer
1 * 401224 Emboss Coder Back-up Wheel
1 * 401232 Emboss & Markem Coder - Type Wheel Drive Knob
4 * 244821 Emboss & Markem Coder - Rubber Type Stop
1 * 419668 Emboss Coder - Type Wheel Shaft
1 * 252950 Markem Coder (M-1296) - Thermostat
2 * 462425 Markem Coder (M-1296) - Heat Element
12 * 230436 Markem Coder - Ink Roll - Black
2 * 372356 Markem Coder - Ink Roll Arbor
215085 Watlube Heat Release - provides barrier to oxidation for heat elements

NOTE: A * in the "Spare" column denotes a part that is recommended as a common spare part for this machine. If a number is listed, that quantity is typically included in the New Machine Spare Parts Kit Option available when ordering a new machine.  Trimmer and Coder spare part components with a quantity and * are included only with the respective Trimmer and Coder New Machine Spare Parts Kit Options. (Spare Parts Kit contents are subject to change without notice.)

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