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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Troubleshooting Tips and Part # Information

BOSCH Doboy HA-800 Hot Air Sealer
Following are recommended tips for troubleshooting problems.  You will also find a list of part numbers and descriptions for commonly used parts.

Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks*

Problem Possible Cause & Solution
One heat element does not get hot Heating Element wires may be loose or element is burned out.  Check connections at temperature controller.  If both are tight, disconnect and check for continuity across heat element  wires.  

Solution: If no continuity, replace Heat Element.

Neither heat element gets hot Temperature controller may be broken.

Solution: Refer to Temperature controller manual and replace if necessary.

Belt Guides Need Replaced

Note: The HA-800 uses a total of 16 pairs of belt guides.  Half of the belt guides are made from a special high-temperature plastic.  These belt guides create higher friction than the “standard temperature” belt guides.  The high-temperature guides (#472390 & 472391) should be used only under the hot air manifold section of the machine.  Installing more than eight (8) pairs of the high-temp guides can create excess drag on the carrier belts.  The standard temperature belt guides should be used in the infeed, cooling, and discharge sections of the sealer.

* Machine troubleshooting & repairs should only be attempted by a qualified mechanic or electrician.  Power should always be disconnected prior to troubleshooting. 
Please see your factory instruction manual for additional troubleshooting tips.

Common Replacement & Wear Parts

Doboy Part # Description
462685 Heating Element
401284 Carrier Belt
472390 Belt Guide - Moveable - High Temperature
472391 Belt Guide - Fixed - High Temperature
401275 Belt Guide - Moveable - Standard Temperature
401276 Belt Guide - Fixed - Standard Temperature
401179 Compression Spring - for Belt Guides
401327 Idler Pulley - Smooth
401329 Idler Pulley - with Teeth

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