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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Doboy HA-800 Hot Air Bag Sealer

The Doboy HA-800 is our most rugged industrial hot air sealer.  It is a new & improved version of Doboy's time-tested Model HA-720.

The HA-800 is designed to seal pillow style polyethylene bags.  Pillow-style bags are essentially flattened tubes that are pre-sealed at one end.  You fill with product and use the HA-800 to securely seal the open end.

Like its predecessor, the HA-800 is especially effective in corrosive or gritty packaging environments because it uses hot air for heating.

Typical bagging applications include Salt, Firewood, Stone, Calcium Chloride, Sand, Wood Pellets, Landscape Materials, Mulch, Soils, Asphalt, Fertilizer, & Chemicals.

Doboy HA-800 Hot Air Bag Sealer
Doboy HA-800 Hot Air Sealer

Machine Features

  • Welds Plastic Together with Hot Air (No Sealing Bands)
  • Ideal for Gritty and Harsh Products & Packaging Environments
  • Full-Length Timing Belts for Bag Top Control
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • High Efficiency Heat Manifold
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Knurled Compression Rollers
  • Air Cooling Insures Seal Integrity
  • Rugged Two-Post Adjustable-Height Floor Stand
  • Auto-Shutdown to Maximize Heat Element Life
  • Made in the USA

Options / Accessories

  • Casters for Portability (adds 5" to machine height)
  • Markem Touch-Dry™ Ink Coder
  • Smooth or Double-Seal Seal Patterns
  • Left to Right Feed Direction
  • Bag Top Trimmer
  • Extended Height Floor Stand
  • Corrosion Resistant (Stainless Steel) Package

Machine Machine Specifications

Bag Type
Poly Pillow or Tube Style Only
Bag Thickness
3 - 10 mil
Machine Speed
350 - 750 IPM
Seal Height (Adjustable with Hand Crank)
36" to 50"
Seal Width
Feed Direction (Standard)
Right to Left
Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
Machine Weight
700 lbs (318 kg)
6 CFM @ 90 PSI
230 V / 60 Hz / 1 or 3 Phase