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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Troubleshooting Tips and Part # Information

Doboy CBS-CH Continuous Band Sealer

Following are recommended tips for troubleshooting Doboy CBS-CH band Sealer problems.  You will also find a list of part numbers and descriptions for commonly used parts.

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Preventative Maintenance & Proper Use Tips*

Area of Machine

Advice / Technique

General Machine Set-up:

(Applies to CBS-CH)

We will gladly try to talk you through proper set-up of your machine - Call us!

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Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks*

Problem Possible Cause & Solution

PROBLEM: Contact us

(Applies to CBS-CH)

Contact us with your problems. We will post the solution here! Watch here for more Solutions, Tips, and Tricks!

* Machine troubleshooting & repairs should only be attempted by a qualified mechanic or electrician.  Power should always be disconnected prior to troubleshooting.

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Please see your factory instruction manual for additional troubleshooting tips.
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Common Replacement & Wear Parts (available at

Parts for Doboy CBS-CH Series Machines
Part # Description
008-05028 Teflon Sealing Band - For 2-Heat, 1-Cool CBS-CH - 80.25 circumference
008-05020 Teflon Sealing Band - For 1-Heat, 2-Cool CBS-CH - 65" circumference
042-05029 Teflon Sealing Band - For 2-Heat, 2-Cool CBS-CH - 92.25" circumference
058-05383 Graphite Heater Bar Insert - 1/4" Seal Width
058-05382 Brass Heater Bar Insert - 1/4" Seal Width
008-00413 Band Wicks - Felt
006-00044 Gusset Roller Sleeve
503363 Bearing for Gusset Roller
018-00038 Gusset Roller Tension Spring
570-01000 CBS-CH Carrier Chain - Flat Face (order by length in pitch or inches)
570-01005 Connector Link - for Carrier Chain
175037 Fiber Gear
005-47200 Chain Idler Roller Assembly (Roller with Bearing)
521-06016 Bearing - for Chain Idler Rollers
008-00073 Band Wheel Drive Shaft
058-05319 Band Wheel Drive Bracket
363268 Trimmer Blade
30685C Ranco Thermostat for Elkay Chiller (Obsolete Use #35882C / Grainger 5WNL7)
052-00062 Trimmer Chain Assembly (long) - Scrap Removal
052-00063 Trimmer Chain Assembly (short) - Scrap Removal
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