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Model 3350 & Model 3350A Wicket Bag Loading Stations

For use with wicketed bags, the Model 3350 & Model 3350A Wicket Bag Loading Stations hold bags in place and automatically open them for fast, efficient manual loading by an operator.

The Model 3350 has wide, fixed loading arms making it ideal for larger items (e.g. newspapers, loaves of bread).

The Model 3350A has adjustable loading arms making it more-suited to loading thinner items or for applications where a variety of product thicknesses must be loaded (e.g. stacked tortillas, magazines, folded t-shirts, contract packers).

These simple units are perfect for use on bakery items including sliced and unsliced breads, flat breads, tortillas, wraps, stacks of items, produce, magazines and newspapers, candy and confectionery, industrial parts and hardware, apparel items and countless other applications where products are packed into plastic bags.

Model 3350A Wicket Bag Loading Station Photo
Model 3350A Horizontal Loading Station Shown

BaggingGuys offers a variety of heat sealing equipment that can quickly trim the wicket flap off the bag and seal the bag with a secure heat seal.

Click here for Industrial Heat Sealing solutions.

Detailed Photos

Machine Features

  • Holds and Automatically Opens (with Air) Wicket Bags (2” to 12” wide x 2” to 32” long)
  • Requires 2” to 5” Wicket Holes – for use with Non-perforated Wicket Bags
  • Stainless Steel Top Plates, Arms, and Bag Loading Platen
  • Loading Arms for Positive Bag Opening and Easy Product Loading
  • Air Velocity Controls
  • Can be Used in Vertical or Horizontal Load Applications
  • Finish: All Metal Construction – Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Options / Accessories

  • 220 Volt Power

Machine Specifications

Loading Arm Height (Model 3350)
5" - Fixed
Loading Arm Height (Model 3350A)
2" to 4" - Adjustable
Mounting Orientation
Vertical or Horizontal
Machine Weight
30 pounds
Dimensions (MOdel 3350)
26" OAL x 17" OAW x 13.5" OAH
Dimensions (Model 3350A)
26" OAL x 16" OAW x 13.5" OAH
Not Required
110 V / 60 Hz /  Single Phase