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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

7134 Polystar Automatic Bag Hanger System

The Model 7134 Bag Hanger automatically places empty bags on a filling spout.

Its unique design allows the Polystar to hang paper, poly, and woven bags; including Pinch Top Bags AND Gusseted Bags!

Typical applications include fertilizer, polymers, plastic resins, grass seed, bird seed, pet foods, ...

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Standard Features

  • Automatically Hangs Pre-made Bags, Dispenses Fill, and Presents to Sealer
  • PLC Control Located at Bag Magazine
  • Handles Paper, Poly Bags, and Woven Bags
  • Total Bag Top Control Allows use of Pinch Bags
  • Powered Bag Magazine with Single Bag Pick-up and Transfer
  • Unified Drive for all Bag Transfer Mechanisms
  • Able to Detect & Reject Improperly Fed Bags
  • Fill Spout Moves Up & Down to Minimize Dusting
  • Single 2.5 ft3 Intermediate Hopper
  • 14" Fill Spout Sizes Available
  • 304 Stainless Steel Product Contact Parts
  • 3-5 Minute No-Tool Changeover
  • Made in the USA

Options / Accessories

  • Interfaces for Non-Thiele Scales
  • Integrated PBOM and Poly Bag Closers/Sealers
  • Custom Control Panel Location
  • 316 Stainless Steel Contact Parts
  • Low Bag Sensor with Indicator Light
  • 16" Fill Spout for Larger Bags
  • Dust Collection Nozzles
  • Air Expulsion Pads
  • Tag Applicator on Exit Belt

Machine Specifications

Bag Face Width 14" to 23"
Bag Length (PBOM) 21" to 41"
Bag Length (Sewn Open Mouth) 20" to 40"
Speed Range** Up to 15 BPM
Overall Length 108.7"
Overall Width 88.8"
Overall Height 135.4"
Machine Weight 2,300 Lbs
Pneumatic 1.6 SCF @ 80 PSI
Electrical (NEMA 12 Standard) 220 V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase
*  formerly Bemis Packaging Machinery Company

** Speed varies with Product and Bag Characteristics (Call for a product evaluation)