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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for

T-375 Tabletop Roll Bagger / Bag Printer

Following are answers common questions we are asked about the T-375 Printer/Bagger.

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T-375 Tabletop Bagger / Bag Printer FAQ



What size is the T-375's  Thermal Transfer Ribbon?

The T-375 bagger/printer uses a 4.09" wide x 1,476' OAL thermal transfer ribbon.  The most common color is black.

What Maintenance is Recommended for the T-375 Printer?

We recommend cleaning of the print head (with alcohol and a Q-Tip) once per day [once per week, at a minimum.]

With this care, customers typically get about 1,000,000 linear inches (about 56 rolls) of service between PMs.

Most customers opt to ship their machine in for preventative maintenance.  If scheduled in advance, PM service typically takes about 2-3 days.  Usually, any issues with the print head can be fixed with new parts and/or adjustment..

How Long Will the T-375's Print Head Last?

Most customers get who take very good care of their print heads get about 7-8+ years of life from a head.  As with nearly all machinery, print head life is also dependent on the cleanliness of the work area in which the bagger is used.