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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

T-375 Tabletop Roll Bagger / Bag Printer

The T-375 Tabletop Roll Bagger automatically prints, feeds, seals, and tears-off pre-formed bags on a roll and will allow you to achieve MUCH HIGHER packaging rates than you get with an impulse bar sealer or zip lock bags and manually applied labels!  The T-375 includes the ability to AUTOMATICALLY PRINTS each bag just prior to opening it!

Digital controls for Auto (Paced Rate) or Manual (Foot-switch or Guard-Switch) cycle operation. Total Cycle Counter with Reset, Seal Time, Fill Time Delay and Seal Point. Set points are saved and automatically recalled when power is shut off.

If you don't need to print, you may be more interested in the T-300 Tabletop Bagger.  Click here for T-300 details!

T-375 Tabletop Bagger / Bag Printer Photo
T-375 Pictured with Optional Tabletop Bagger Cart

Machine Features

  • Solid, Constant Heat Seal Bar with Digital Temperature Controller
  • Integrated Printer for "Next-bag-out" Printing
  • Patented Teflon Shield increases Teflon Life Tenfold
  • Teflon only contacts the heater bar while sealing!
  • "Guard Switch" Operation - Cycles the machine at the loading area
  • Minimizes Operator Movements, decreases Operator Fatigue and Increase Output
  • Patented anti-jamming method detects seal obstructions and reverses seal bar.
  • Universal Adjustable Funnel Included
  • Air Knife Quickly Opens Bag with Filtered Air
  • Adjustable Support Provided for Heavier Products
  • Automatically Separates Sealed Bags from Roll
  • Easy threading - Pull the bags off the roll and through the pinch rollers

Options / Accessories

  • Foam Compression Pad for Air Minimization
  • Semi-Automatic Counting Funnel
  • Pneumatically Retractable Product Support Shelf
  • Tabletop Bagger Cart Support Stand
  • Handheld Bar Code Scanner Package - Reads data-to-print from your Packing Slip!
  • Custom Electrical

Machine Specifications

Bag Feed Method
Perf. Registration, Motor-Fed
Seal Mechanism
Solid Heater Bar, Constant Heat
Bag Printing
Thermal Transfer - Next Bag Out
Bag Separation
Cycle Operation
Bag Size Range
2" x 2" up to 11" x 16"
Film Thickness
1 to 5 Mil
Estimated Speed (Maximum)
10 to 20 BPM
Guard Switch Feature
Auto / Paced Rate Operation
Anti-Jam Seal Bar
Standard Safety Feature
19.5" x 16" x 21.5"
Machine Weight
50 lbs
0.5 cfm @ 50 PSI
110 V / 60 Hz / Single phase

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