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Options for the T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger

The T-1000 Advanced Poly Bagger can be equipped with a variety of options to allow you to quickly and reliably bag nearly any product imaginable.  Below are details on options that can be installed on the T-1000 to boost your bagging productivity.


The T-1000 excels at bagging nuts, bolts, screws, hardware, parts, snack foods, pellets products, toys, parts kits, jewelry, injection molded plastics, candy, cookies, etc. into Bags-on-a-Roll!

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Feeding Funnels   [Return to Top]

Order funnels that are in stock at all times with sizes ranging from a 1" opening to a 7" opening. Custom funnels are also provided to facilitate loading. Having the proper funnel and bag size for your product is very crucial to an efficient operation.

Load/Support Shelf (LS-10)   [Return to Top]

Supports the bottom/back of bag during loading of heavier or bulkier products. Pneumatically operated, adjustable shelf provides support and takes the initial impact of heavier products dropping into the bag. Shelf tilts downward after sealing, dropping product from the shelf. Available in various length for longer bag sizes.

Vibratory Shelf   [Return to Top]

"Taps" the bag to settle product to the bottom of the bag. Pneumatic operation with speed controls. LS-10 Option must be previously installed or purchased with the vibratory shelf attachment.

Bag Deflator (BF-10)   [Return to Top]

Removes excess air from the bag. Sponge or rubber loop deflators push the air out just prior to sealing.

Accumulating Funnel (AF-10)   [Return to Top]

Pneumatic gate increases the speed of automatic operations by "staging" the product immediately above the bag opening. When the bag is ready to receive the product, the gate opens, enters the bag, and maintains the bag opening to reduce product spills.

Counting Funnel (CF-10)   [Return to Top]

Add a photo array to the AF-10 funnel for inline bagging operations. Counts product as it enters the funnel; pneumatic funnel causes separation between counts for continuous feed operations.

Light Safety Curtain   [Return to Top]

An OSHA approved safety device that restricts the cycle operation of the bagger when the optical detection field is obstructed. LC-10 option is recommended when the funnel is removed and the product is loaded directly into the bag. Increase production by 40% by turning on the "auto" feature to cycle the bagger on the trailing edge of the light curtain input signal. Lockout key is provided to prohibit bypassing the safety feature. Excellent option for hand loading operations.


Optical Palm Buttons   [Return to Top]

OSHA approved safety device. Two optical "no-touch" buttons must be pressed simultaneously to initiate the cycle operation of the bagger. If the two sensors are not pressed at the same time, the bagger will not cycle, ensuring that fingers or hands cannot be in the seal area. Recommended when no funnel is present.

Barcode Verifier (BV-10)   [Return to Top]

Verifies that barcodes on preprinted or thermally printed bags are readable and stops the cycle operation when a non-readable barcode is detected.

Flat Seal Assembly   [Return to Top]

Decreases the possibility of wrinkles in the seal area while increasing seal integrity. Pneumatically operated opposing "fingers" pull each side of the bag taught above the seal area to flatten the seal area.

Bag Printer   [Return to Top]

The latest in print head technology is here! Fast, quality printing is now available with the Ti-1000 Inline Thermal Transfer Printer. Design and print your own test, barcodes, graphics or logos directly to the surface of bags or roll stock. Floating-edge head eliminates the need to adjust the head for varying media thickness and allows for extended print head life.  Click HERE or on the Photo for Details!

Spare Parts Kit (SP-10 Level 1)

Kit contains day to day normal wear items. Teflon, filter, fuses, seal rubber, and heater cartridges identifies some items in the kit.

Spare Parts Kit (SP-20 Level 2)

Additional items not projected to fail, but due to the cost of loss of production, are required to prevent downtime. Valves, cylinders, circuit boards, and a touch screen are some of items included in this kit.

Partition Table   [Return to Top]

Stainless steel partitioned utility table keeps products separated for manual kit packaging. Two sizes available depending upon size and quantity of product. Adjustable tilt and height to fit over bagger.

Compact Disc Loader   [Return to Top]

With the CD Loader option, the T-1000 packages compact discs at a rate of up to 70 packages per minute. Package into tamper evident poly bags, either printed or nonprinted Significantly reduce packaging costs over jewel cases or sleeves.

Label Applicator   [Return to Top]

Apply preprinted labels inline while bagging. Labels are accurately dispensed onto the bag from an air vacuum grid with +/- 1/32" dispensing accuracy. Also Print and Apply labels with our thermal transfer printer/label applicator. Print up to 305dpi on labels from 1/2" x 1/2" up to 4" x 6".

Diverting Funnel/Bag Counter

As finished bags are sealed and dropped from your bagger, they can be counted and redirected at the end of each preset count. With a two box system, the bags are directed into "Box A" until the final count is reached. Then the diverter rotates, directing the bags into "Box B" allowing the operator time to remove, seal and replace "Box A". Includes diverting/rotating attachment, photo array, brackets and counter controls. (UF-2000 Incline Conveyor sold separately.)

Bag "Out" Sensor   [Return to Top]

Detects the last bag off the roll and shuts down the bagger, while alerting the operator of the fault condition.

Bag "Open" Sensor   [Return to Top]

(AF-10 Funnel required.) Detects whether the bag has properly blown open prior to the product entering the bag.

Compartment Seal Option   [Return to Top]

Separate two products in one bag by creating a seal between two compartments. After the first product is loaded, press the foot switch to seal the first product in the bag. Then load the second product, and press the foot switch to index the bag and seal the bag a second time above the second product. The bag is then detached and another bag is indexed into the loading position.

Twin-Seal Option   [Return to Top]

Automatically seals the bag a second time, 3/4" from the first seal to increase bag integrity.

Trim Seal Assembly   [Return to Top]

Trims excess film from bag above seal to enhance the appearance of the package (retail products).  The Trim Seal option works great on Polyethylene bags! 

NOTE: Trim seal will NOT work for PolyPROpylene, Tyvek, or any type of metalized laminate films.


Point of Use Air Dryer (AD-10)   [Return to Top]

Filter 99% of liquids from your plant air with this dryer component. Liquids are then automatically drained before entering the pneumatic system increasing component life.

Single 3-1/2" Floppy Disk Loader (FD-10)   [Return to Top]

With the Floppy Disk Loader option, the T-1000 packages 3-1/2" floppy disks at a rate of up to 60 packages per minute.

  • Cartridge tray holds up to 300 floppy disks.
  • Load floppy disks while bagging.
  • Loader can be quickly removed to package manuals, case drivers, instruction sheets or any other loose items such as screws, keys or kits.

IF-10 Insert Funnel   [Return to Top]

For products affected by air flow, an insert funnel provides a solution. After the bag has been blown open, the funnel enters the bag, holding it open so air can be decreased or shut off. The funnel enters past the seal area decreasing the potential of seal contamination. This is good for granular type products.

Output Fault Signal (OFS-10)   [Return to Top]

Signal is provided to advise third party equipment that a fault condition (i.e.: out of bags, jam detection, printer error) is present on the T-1000 bagger and to cease production operations. Audible or visual signals can also be provided to alert the operator.

Quick Roll Change Option (QC-10)   [Return to Top]

Additional roll shaft and roll chucks. By having a full roll shafted, the operator can perform roll changes quickly and immediately when the bagger is out of bags.

Vacuum Bag Opening Assembly (VA-10)   [Return to Top]

When air flow is not sufficient to open the bag, or when air cannot be used to open the bag, vacuum tips do the job. Tips protrude to the bag and retract pulling the bag open. Air flow can be shut off for products affected by air flow.


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