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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

T-1000 Poly Roll Bagger

The T-1000 can be used manually or placed directly under the discharge funnel of automatic filling machinery.  Easy integration with Tridyne scales or Advanced Poly's automatic counting and feeding equipment allows automatic bag filling at speeds up to 100 bags per minute!

The T-1000 uses pre-made bags on a roll to quickly and automatically feed and open poly bags for loading.  After loading, the T-1000 automatically seals the bags and separates them from the roll.

The T-1000 can run plain poly bags, printed poly bags, or it can be equipped to print or label its own bags! 

The T-1000 excels at bagging nuts, bolts, screws, hardware, parts, snack foods, pellets products, toys, parts kits, jewelry, injection molded plastics, candy, cookies, ...

T-1000 Advanced Poly Bagger Photo
T-1000 with Standard Color Touchscreen

Machine Features

  • Intuitive, User-Friendly, Color Touch Screen Interface Panel:
    • Change settings "on the fly"
    • Turn on / off Counters or Other Options & Auxiliary Equipment
    • Control Machine Speed
    • Programmable Job Settings
    • Position Operator Panel Where Needed with Long Arm Extension and Ball Joint Mount
    • Four Internal Counters are Standard:
      • 1) Preset Counter - Stops when Predetermined Count Reached
      • 2) Totaling Counter - Records Packaging Production Rate Over Time
      • 3) Continuous Strip Counter - Seals Bags on Continuous Strip
      • 4) Maintenance Counter - Counts Total Machine Cycles for PM Purposes
    • Technical Assistance Screens Provide Easy PLC Troubleshooting
    • Pop-up Troubleshooting Screens Clearly Describe Fault Conditions
  • Patented Teflon Shield Increases Teflon life by 10 times
  • Teflon Only Contacts Heating Bar While Sealing - Keeps Element Clean for Longer Service
  • Patented Anti-jamming System Prevents Seal Obstructions and Injured Fingers
  • Universal Funnel Attachment Standard - Allows Operator to Slide Product into the Bag
  • Adjustable Air Knife Blows Air to Open Bag and to Maintain Opening for Loading
  • Adjustable Load Shelf Supports Bag During Loading
  • Quick Roll Change Assembly and Easy Threading - Change Bags in less than a Minute
  • Uses Advanced Poly Roll Bags: Pre-opened Bags on Rolls
  • Compact Size: Designed Small Footprint and Equipped with Rugged Casters.
  • Energy Conservation: Programmed to turn off components when not in use
  • Easy Integration with Automatic Feeding Systems
  • Clean Room Approved: The standard T-1000 is approved for Clean Room use

Machine Specifications

Bag Feed Method
Perf Sensor - High Speed Motor
Seal Mechanism
Solid Heater Bar, Constant Heat
Bag Printing
Bag Separation
Automatic or Continuous Strip
Cycle Operation
Manual or Automatic
Bag Size Range
2" x 3" up to 14" x 30"
Film Thickness
1 to 5 Mil
Estimated Speed (Operator Dependent)
Up to 100 Cycles Per Minute
Product Pass Through Clearance
4.75" Standard / Up to 8" Available
Auto / Paced Rate Operation
Anti-Jam Seal Bar
Standard Safety Feature
Load Height (adjustable)
30" to 41"
Machine Dimensions
37" OAW x 42" OAD
Machine Weight
275 Pounds
1.5 cfm @ 80 PSI
110 V / 60 Hz / Single phase / 10 A

Recommended for integration with Tridyne Net Weigh Scales and Weigh-counters!

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