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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Seal-A-Print - Tabletop Roll Bag Bagger / Bag Printer

The Seal-A-Print is a tabletop roll bagger that can print directly onto pre-made, bags-on-a-roll, automatically open the bag for filling, then seal the bag.

The Seal-A-Print model is no longer offered.  It's been replaced with the T-375 Tabletop Roll Bagger / Bag Printer.  Click Here to learn more about the T-375!

The Seal-A-Print excels at medical prescriptions in hospitals, mail order, bolts, screws, hardware, parts, snack foods, pellets products, toys, parts kits, jewelry, injection molded plastics, candy, cookies, ...

Seal-A-Print Tabletop Bagger & Bag Printer Photo Seal-A-Print Rear View

Machine Features

  • Use with Bag sizes from 3" x 4" up to 8" x 12" x 1.5 to 3 mil Bag Thickness
  • Print Area: Up to 8" wide (with special ribbon)
  • Speeds up to 8" / sec with Print Resolution up to 305 DPI
  • Ribbon Saving Feature Raises Print Head when not Printing
  • Automatic Paced Operation Allows Consistent Production Rates
  • Bag Counter: Preset the # of Bags to be Packaged. Printer/Bagger Stops when Complete
  • Rated for 8-12 bags-per-minute (Dependent on bag size, product being filled, & operator ability)
  • Table Top Operation with Small Footprint – Ideal for Small Work Cells & Inventory Cages
  • Instant Repositioning of Print and Seal Locations
  • Digital Controls for Seal Time, Air Pulse, and Cycle Rate
  • Includes Footswitch to Trigger Print and Seal Cycle
  • Universal Adjustable Parts Chute to Assist with Product Feeding
  • Designed for Easy Bag Threading and Quick Roll Changes
  • 1" Diameter Bag Roll Shaft with Chucks
  • Impulse Sealing Wire with Teflon® Cover
  • Anti-Jam Device Prevents Seal Bar from Closing Obstructions in Seal Area
  • Dimensions: Approx. 20" Wide x 20" Long x 21" High

Options / Accessories

  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon
  • Labelview Pro Software

Machine Specifications

40 PSI Compressed Air Required
110 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase