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Model 6112 - Vibratory Feed, Gross Weigh Scale

Manufactured by Thiele Technologies*, the Model 6112 is a vibratory feed gross weigh bagging scale designed weigh free to semi-free flowing materials into 25 to 150 pound bags.

Material is fed and weighed into a bag directly from your surge bin using a vibratory feeder pan and bulk/dribble catch gate.

The 6112 provides fast gross weigh bagging with digital accuracy!

Standard Features

  • Weighs Bulky Free Flowing and Lighter Semi-Free Flowing Materials
  • Electronic Digital Weigh System with Direct Mount Load Cell
  • Completely Automatic Weighing Cycle
  • Adjustable Product Flow Gate
  • Adjustable Two-Speed (Bulk & Dribble) Vibratory Feed
  • Mild Steel Construction with 304 Stainless Feed Section
  • Taper Grip Bag Clamp
  • Includes Scale Support Stand
  • Made in the USA

Options / Accessories

  • Stainless Steel Product Contact Surfaces
  • Powr-Grip Bag Holder for Clamping Greater Bag Area
  • 304 Stainless Steel Catch Gate
  • "Impreglon" Anti-Friction Coated Feed Section
  • Gusset Holders on Bag Clamp
  • Dust Collection Port

Scale Specifications

Material Type Free to Semi-Free Flowing
Feed Method Vibratory
Weighment Range 25 to 150 Pounds 
Accuracy** +/- 1 to 4 oz
Speed (maximum)** 8 BPM
Overall Width 29.5"
Overall Depth 39.7"
Overall Height (maximum) 87.8"
Machine Weight 900 lbs (408 kg)
Pneumatic 0.145 CF/Cycle @ 60 PSI
Electrical (NEMA 12 Standard) 120 V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase / 5.6 A

*  formerly Bemis Packaging Machinery Company

** Accuracy and Speeds vary with Product Characteristics (Call for a product evaluation)