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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Pre-owned Doboy HS-C Portable / Tabletop Sealer

The Doboy HS-C (aka Doughboy HSC)  is a portable rotary sealer designed to seal heat sealable bags and films, including "unsupported" materials like polyethylene.  

This versatile continuous band sealer can be used as a table-top / bench top sealer  for small bags and pouches (with the optional C-clamp or Cast Iron Support Stand.)

Or, the HS-C can be used handheld for sealing extremely large materials - i.e. for joining sheets of poly around a large machine for crating.

The HS-C is ideal for sealing small bags of parts, kits, candies, retail items, as well as for sealing large items and machinery in sheets of polyethylene, etc.

We always have new HS-CII sealers in stock.  But, when available,  our previously owned HS-C sealers are an economical alternative for customers who can't quite justify investment in a new, portable, band sealer.

Doboy / Doughboy HS-C Portable Band Sealer Photo
Typical Pre-owned HS-C Mil-Spec Band Sealer

Prior to selling, we use our 21-step Inspection Process to inspect, clean, and adjust each machine.  These sealers include new bands & wicks (installed), a copy of the operator/parts manual and a 1-year parts warranty.

Call us today for more information or take a look at the new Doboy HS-CII Portable Bag Sealer!

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Typical Pre-owned HS-C Photos

Inspect Your Next Bag Sealing Machine Online: We have photos of available HS-C sealers available online. If you are interested in one of our HS-C sealers, call us for pricing and for access to our online inventory & photo gallery so you can choose your machine!

Machine Features

  • Analog Temperature Controller
  • Heat Bars with Adjustable Gap Control and 1/8" Seal Width
  • Air Cooled Cooling Bars with Adjustable Gap Control
  • Teflon-coated Sealing Bands to Isolate Material from Heating and Cooling Bars
  • Designed for Tabletop or Handheld Use
  • Fixed Speed - Approx 200 Inches per Minute
  • Steel-it Epoxy or Industrial Enamel Finish
  • Made in USA

Options / Accessories

  • C-Clamp for Tabletop or Benchtop Mounting
  • Cast Iron Mounting Base for Tabletop Use
  • Cable Support for Hanging the Unit in Area for Handheld Use
  • Standard and Enhanced Spare Parts Kits
  • When available, we also offer pre-owned HS-CII Sealers

Typical Machine Specifications

Standard Seal Width
Speed Range
Fixed - 200 IPM
Recommended Bag Thickness
1.5 to 5 mil
Feed Direction (Standard)
Bag Orientation
Sealing Height
Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
6.75 "
Throat Depth
Machine Weight
13 lbs
Electrical (NEMA 12)    
115 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase / 3.6 A
Specifications may vary from machine to machine.
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