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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Pre-owned Doboy HS-BII Portable / Tabletop Sealer

The Doboy HS-BII is a portable, Mil-Spec, rotary sealer designed to seal supported, heat sealable bags and films like foil laminates, Kraft paper, scrim, and polypropylene.

This versatile, pre-owned, rotary style sealer can be used as a table-top / bench top sealer for small bags and pouches (with the optional C-clamp or Cast Iron Support Stand.)

Or, the HS-BII can be used handheld for sealing extremely large materials - i.e. for joining sheets of mil-spec barrier material around a large machine during crating.

The HS-BII is ideal for sealing small bags of parts, kits, candies, retail items, as well as for covering large items in sheets of barrier film, etc.

We always have new HS-BII sealers in stock.  But, when available,  our previously owned HS-BII sealers are an economical alternative for customers who can't quite justify investment in a new portable, rotary, heat sealer.

Pre-owned Bosch Doboy HS-BII Photo
Typical Pre-owned BOSCH Doboy HS-BII Sealer
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Prior to selling, we use our 21-step Inspection Process to inspect, clean, and adjust each machine.  These sealers include new bands & wicks (installed), a copy of the operator/parts manual and a 1-year parts warranty.

Call us today for more information or take a look at the new Doboy HS-BII Portable Bag Sealer!

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Typical Pre-owned HS-BII Photos

Inspect Your Next Bag Sealing Machine Online: We have photos of Pre-owned HS-BII sealers available online. If you are interested in one of our used HS-BII sealers, call us for pricing and for access to our online inventory & photo gallery so you can choose your machine!

Machine Features

  • Analog Temperature Controller
  • Heat Bars with Adjustable Gap Control
  • Smooth Compression Rollers for Secure 5/8" Seal Width
  • Designed for Tabletop or Handheld Use
  • Fixed Speed - Approx 200 Inches per Minute
  • Timing Belts for Positive Bag Top Control
  • Heavy-duty, Light-weight Construction
  • Made in USA

Options / Accessories

  • Variable Speed Controller
  • Serrated Sealing Rollers for a "Crimped" Seal Appearance (recommended for PolyPROpylene)
  • 25# Cast Iron Mounting Base for Tabletop Use
  • C-Clamp & Bracket for Mounting to Bench top
  • Cable Support for Hanging the Unit in Area for Handheld Use
  • Spare Parts Kit
Standard Seal Width
Up to 5/8"
Speed Range
Fixed - 200 IPM
Recommended Bag Thickness
 Laminates - 2 to 5 mil
Feed Direction (Standard)
Bag Orientation
Sealing Height
Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
6.75 "
Throat Depth
Machine Weight
13 lbs
Electrical (NEMA 12)    
115 V / 60 Hz / Singe Phase / 2.35 A
HS-BII Seals these materials:

Foil Laminates

Metallized Laminates

Kraft Paper Laminates

EMI Static Shield Films



MIL-PRF-121G (Kraft Laminate)

MIL-B-131H (Scrimback)

MIL-PRF-131J (Foil Laminate)

MIL-PRF-131K (Foil Laminate)

MIL-PRF-81705 (Static Shield)

MIL-B-81705C (Static Shield)

MIL-PRF-81705D (Static Shield)

MIL-DTL-117H (Clear Laminate)

Cellophane (w/ Serrated Rollers)

PolyPROpylene (w/ Serrated Rollers)

Any other heat-sealable laminates

Specifications may vary from machine to machine.
Call today: 1-800-785-6785
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BaggingGuys offers complete sales, Ship-in Service, and Parts Support for

Doboy HS-BII and HS-CII sealers, as well as their predecessors, the HS-B and HS-C.

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