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MCRS Landscape Material Bagging Systems  DISCONTINUED 

The MCRS 180 and MCRS 600 Mulch bagging systems have been discontinued.

BaggingGuys offers other complete, entry-level bagging systems for mulch, compost, sand, soil, and rock products starting at $100,000.

MCRS-180 Mulch Rock Bagging System Photo
Bulk Mulch Hopper Photo
Incline Mulch Conveyor Photo

Machine Features

  • MCRS-180: Designed for Maximum 180 bags/hour (3 BPM) Production with 1-2 Operators
  • MCRS-600: Designed for Maximum 600 bags/hour (7-10 BPM) Production with 2-3 Operators
  • Both Systems Useful for Filling Bags of Most Landscape Materials
    • Wood Mulch
    • Rubber Mulch
    • Rock (up to ¾”)
    • Top Soil
    • Compost
    • Sand
    • Sandy Loam
  • Infeed Hopper
    • 8’ 0” in length by 35” wide
    • Hopper Constructed Using One Straight Wall and Sloped 70° Rear Wall
    • Includes Agitator, Powered by 1 HP Drive System
    • Capacity 1.5 cu. yards (approx. 1.0 cu. meter)
    • Designed to be loaded with Bobcat (or similar) Loader
  • Incline Conveyor
    • 14 ft long x 16 in wide Cleated Belt
    • Self Cleaning Tail Pulley and Vulcanized Head Pulley
    • Belt is controlled by 5 HP Direct Drive System
    • Complete with Variable Speed Controls
    • Belt Travels on Strips of UHMW Material to Prevent Product Buildup
  • Product Weighing & Filling System
    • 5-to-1 Ratio Beam with Proximity Switch Cut Off
    • Center Grip Bag Spout for Holding the Bag During Filling
    • Includes Automatic Bag Release
  • Intermittent Impulse Seal Bag Closing System (MCRS 180)
    • 8 ft long x 1 ft wide Rough Top Belt Bagging Conveyor
    • Conveyor Moves Bags from Filling Station to Sealing Station
    • Bag Triggers Wand Switch and Automatically Stops at Sealing Station
    • Operator Prepares Bag Top and Starts Impulse Sealing Cycle
    • After Sealing Cycle is Complete, Operator Removes and Manually Stacks Bag
  • Continuous Motion Bag Closing System (MCRS 600)
    • 14 ft Long x 1 ft Wide Rough Top Belt with Variable Speed Controls
    • Conveyor Moves Bags from Filling Station to and through Sealing Process
    • Efficient Continuous Heat Sealer for Closing Plastic Bags
    • Sealer includes Support Stand with Vertical Height Adjustment
    • After Sealing Cycle is Complete, 2nd Operator Removes and Manually Stacks Bag
  • System Designed for Installation, but can be Transported with Minor Disassembly in Tractor Trailer

Options / Accessories

  • Weighing & Filling System Upgrade: 2-Speed Digital Scale with 665 GSE Scale Controller
  • Incline Conveyor Upgrade: 7.5 HP Gear Motor (required for Aggregate, Rock, Sand, & Stone)
  • Stainless Steel Product Contact Parts

Machine Specifications

Speed - MCRS-180
Up to 180 Bags per Hour (3 BPM)
Speed - MCRS-600
Up to 600 Bags per Hour (10 BPM)
Compressed Air Required

220/440V/60Hz/3Ph/3.6/1.8A [Agitator]

220/440V/60Hz/3Ph/15.2/7.6A [Bulk Conv]

120V/60Hz/1Ph [Scale]

120/220V/60Hz/1 or 3 Ph [Bag Conveyor]

115V/60Hz/1Ph [Bag Sealer]