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Mil-Spec  Heat  Sealing  &  Industrial  Bag  Sealing  Equipment

Model 4600 & 4601 AeroSeal®

High-Efficiency Heater Upgrade

Thiele Technologies' (formerly Bemis Packaging Machinery) and the BaggingGuys are pleased to announce a new upgrade available for the 4600 and 4601 Aero-Seal Pinch Bag Closers as well as the Doboy PC-600.

Review the information below to see how this upgrade can improve your PBOM bag sealing operation.

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Series 4600/4601 AeroSeal® Bag Closer Upgrade (Also fits the Doboy PC-600)

Improve the efficiency of your Series 4600/4601 AeroSeal® Bag Closer, while cutting energy costs!

Thiele Technologies guarantees that the new 3500 Watt high efficiency heater section will save you time and increase your production while reducing your utility bill.

This new design heats pre-applied glue faster, more consistently and more efficiently than ever before. Plus, the new folder blade design produces cleaner folds with fewer wrinkles. This upgrade is completely interchangeable with your current machine.

  • 3500 Watt high-efficiency heater element

  • High-efficiency heater nozzle
  • Newly designed folder blade
  • New air regulator for the heater nozzle

  • 3500 Watt heater element reaches operating temperature in 3 to 5 minutes- over 60% faster!
  • Heater nozzle - makes better use of heated air and applies heat more consistently
  • New folder blade profile - produces cleaner folds with fewer wrinkles
  • New air regulation system - provides more consistent air flow through the heater nozzle, producing more consistent seals.

Please Note: If your existing bag closer has a processor/PLC, the above listed items will be supplied based on the availability of processor I/O points.

This Heater Upgrade will also work for the Doboy PC-600 PBOM Closer!