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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Here's how Doboy Portable / Tabletop Sealers Work:

Since the 1960s, thousands of customers have used the efficient and durable Doboy HS Series sealers for sealing large and small packages made of heat sealable materials - both supported/laminate films as well as soft, unsupported (e.g. LDPE) plastic films.

If you're new to the Doboy sealers you may not be able to look the sealer and easily understand how the machine works.  The following overview will help you to understand how the HS-B, HS-BII, HS-C, and HS-CII sealers operate.

Call us for access to videos of these sealers in operation! Toll-free: 1-800-785-6785.

HS-BII Sealer pictured with optional Mounting Base and Variable Speed Controls
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Read on to see how these sealers can improve the seal quality and efficiency of your bag, pouch, or Mil-Spec sealing operation! If you have any questions that are not answered here, call us at 1-800-785-6785 for details about our new and pre-owned Doboy sealers.

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The following photos show a Doboy HS-BII sealer. However, the principal of operation (i.e. feeding) is the same for all Doboy portable sealers, including the HS-C, HS-CII, HS-B, HS-BII, and Hospital Sealer.

Doboy Sealer Product Loading Photo

Step# 1 - Operator Inserts Material into Infeed End of Sealer

Because this is a continuous motion sealer, the material to be sealed can be as small as a hand-held pouch or as big as a truck or airplane "bag"!

For tabletop applications (as shown), the pouch or bag moves through the stationary sealer.

When used as a handheld sealer (usually for larger sealing applications), the operator holds the sealer and guides it over the material to be sealed.

Doboy Sealer Product Sealing Photo

Step #2 - Sealer Automatically Moves Material Through Sealer

The sealer has belts or bands that move the material through the sealer at a fixed speed of 200 inches per minute.  Packages or materials heavier than a few ounces will need to be supported by hand or with a conveyor.

Doboy Sealer Product Discharge Photo

Step #3 - Sealed Material Exits Discharge End of Sealer

The sealed material exits the discharge end of the sealer with a straight, secure heat seal.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Doboy Portable Sealers

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  • What's the difference between an HS-C (or HS-CII) and the HS-B (or HS-BII) sealers?

    The HS-C and the current model HS-CII (pronounced HS-C2) are continuous band sealers designed to seal soft films like polyethylene.  The HS-B and the current model HS-BII (pronounced HS-B2) are rotary-style sealers designed to seal laminated heat-sealable materials.  The HS-C style sealers create a 1/8" wide seal (a 1/4" wide option is available).  The HS-B style sealers create a smooth, 5/8" wide seal (an optional serrated, "crinkle" seal pattern is also available - often used for polypropylene or cellophane bag materials).  The HS-C series machines have a pair of Teflon-coated steel bands that prevent the bag material from touching the hot metal heating bars.  The HS-B machines do not have this feature.  Therefore, you should never use soft, meltable films in the HS-B or HS-BII sealers!

  • I use a jaw sealer or an impulse sealer now.  Why should I consider a Doboy? -

    Several reasons: First, the Doboy machines can seal material of ANY length.  You will no longer have your package size limited by your sealer's jaw length.  Second both Doboy sealers offer seal widths that are wider than most jaw-style sealers.  A wider seal means better, more consistent seal integrity!  Finally, the continuous motion of the Doboy sealers means you can seal more material per minute!

  • How long will a Doboy sealer last?

    With care and a little preventative maintenance your Doboy sealer will last almost forever.  We have customers who are still using models of these sealers that were built in the late 1960s!  Machine life and maintenance requirements vary depending on how frequently you use the machine, how clean or dirty your packaging area is, and what type(s) of materials you are sealing!  If you have a maintenance staff or even limited mechanical ability you should be able to maintain the machines easily by yourself!  If not, BaggingGuys offers economical ship-in service for these machines!

  • What's the difference between your pre-owned HS Series sealers and the New HS-II (HS-CII and HS-BII) sealers?

    Both of the respective sealer styles create the same size, type, and quality of seal.  The older HS-Series sealers are louder than the newer II-Series sealers (e.g. the buzz of a small hair dryer versus the hum of a desktop computer) because the older models use a motor that has an impeller/blower attached to the drive shaft.  The blower serves various purposes, but generally makes noise.  If you are using the sealer in an quiet office environment, the newer style (HS-CII or HS-BII) will be your best bet.

    Regarding the HS-B and HS-BII sealers, the older sealers use a pair of small chains to grip the package and move it through the sealers.  New HS-BIIs are equipped with rubber timing belts instead of chains.  Both work equally well, but the chains have to be oiled periodically and can sometimes leave traces of oil residue on your package.

  • My package is XX" long.  Will these sealers seal it?

    YES!  No matter how big or small your package is, the HS-Series sealers will seal it.  Because these are continuous sealers, they have the ability to seal materials of infinite length!  We have crating company customers who seal items as large as a tractor trailer using the HS sealers.  If you're using a Doboy HS sealer, you will no longer be limited by the length of your sealing jaw!

  • Will the older HS Series sealers (HS-C and HS-B) sealers work for me?  How long will they last compared to a new sealer?

    Both the older and newer style sealers are built for long, dependable service.  If your budget permits, we recommend the newer machines because they are slightly easier to maintain and adjust.  That said, the older machines are designed to do the same job as the newer units and all parts are still available for the older machines.  If you do decide to purchase a pre-owned HS-C or HS-B, we recommend selecting from our inventory of sealers.  Unlike many Used Equipment Dealers who know nothing about Doboy sealers, we are Doboy experts, we carry all Doboy parts, and we know all the Doboy machines, new and old!

    All of our used Doboy sealers are put through a rigorous 21-step Inspection, Cleaning and Adjustment process to make sure that the machine is not missing parts and is ready for its next owner.  Check our Used Equipment Page or call us to learn more about our current inventory.  Sometimes we even have pre-owned II-series sealers available!

  • Can I use my HS-B or HS-BII to seal polyethylene bags?

    NO! Because the HS-B series sealers are designed only to seal laminated and non-meltable materials you can NEVER put soft plastic materials (e.g. polyethylene) into the HS-B or HS-BII without completely fouling the sealer!  If a user accidentally inserts soft film into a rotary sealer, like the HS-B or HS-BII, the machine will usually need to be completely disassembled and cleaned (not easily accomplished without experience).  If this happens to your sealer, we can fix it!  See our machine service pages to arrange for ship-in service of your machine.

  • Do you sell pre-owned, used or refurbished Doboy sealers?

    Yes!  We almost always have pre-owned HS-B and HS-C sealers available.  Sometimes we even have pre-owned II-series sealers available!  All of our pre-owned sealers are put through a rigorous 21-step Inspection, Cleaning and Adjustment process to make sure that the machine is not missing parts and is ready for its next owner.  Check our Used Equipment Page or call us to learn more about our current inventory.

  • Can I trade in my old Doboy Sealer and upgrade to a new one?

    Yes!  Unless your old machine is completely worn and has lots of missing parts, we will usually offer some trade-in value toward the purchase of a new machine.  If you would like to trade-in your old machine, please contact us to arrange for evaluation of the old machine.  We can typically evaluate the machine via digital photos or by having you ship the old unit to BaggingGuys.

  • Will my HS-C or HS-CII seal Mil-Spec laminates (e.g. foil, Kraft paper, scrim-back)?

    Sometimes.  Because the HS-C series sealers are in fact heat sealers, they will generally seal ANY heat sealable material (notable exceptions are some cellophane and polyPROpylene bags).  The seal created by the standard HS-C or HS-CII is only 1/8" wide, so if the machine will seal your other materials (e.g. Mil-B-131, Mil-B-117, Mil-B-81705) keep in mind that the seal width will be narrower than if sealed using the HS-B series machines.  However, if 90+% of your business is sealing soft poly ETHYlene (LDPE) bags and you have only an occasional need to seal laminated materials, the HS-C or HS-CII will probably be your best bet! - that is until you can justify purchasing one of each model sealer.

  • Do I need to get the C-Clamp or Cast Iron Support Base?

    (A C-clamp with Mounting Bracket is included with all new HS-series sealers.)  You don't have to use these options, but unless you are planning to use the machine as a handheld unit, one of the mounting options is highly recommended.  About 80% of our customers use the sealer in one location, all the time.  Those users prefer the C-clamp.  Another 10% of customers move the sealer from table to table and prefer the Cast Iron Mounting base due to its portability.  The remaining 10% of our customers use the sealer to seal large items (e.g. packing and crating companies seal large printing presses, generators, helicopter rotor blades, etc) and use the sealer as a handheld device - these customers use the sealer without a C-clamp or Mounting Base.

  • Are parts still available for the older HS-Series (HS-C and HS-B) Doboy sealers?

    YES - Doboy still manufactures and we stock or carry all parts for the older style HS-C and HS-B Doboy sealers.  Some part numbers have changed as parts have been upgraded and improved.  Please call us at 1-800-786-6785 with your Model and Serial Numbers if you need to order parts or service for your Doboy.

  • Can I get my Doboy Portable Sealer repaired?

    YES! This is one of our specialties.  BaggingGuys offers fast, economical repairs for Doboy portable sealers including the HS-C, HS-CII, HS-B, HS-BII, and Hospital Sealer.  Please see our Doboy Service Information page and/or contact us to arrange for repair of your machine(s).

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Doboy Continuous Sealers are EFFICIENT!

You can seal several small pouches at one time (one after the other) OR for longer packages, there is no need to seal the bag several times (because your current sealing jaw isn't long enough for the bag!)  Doboy sealers seal bags of any width, all in one 200 inch-per-minute pass!

Doboy HS-BII with Three Packages Photo