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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Series 9000 Ink Jet Printers

The Markem-Imaje 9000 Series is the most compact, full-featured, small character inkjet printer on the market today.  State-of-the-art design incorporates the human factor, resulting in an intuitive user interface and an advanced printhead that requires minimal attention. The result is high-quality coding and improved productivity:

1) Patented automatic nozzle rinsing ensures hassle-free start-up

2) Access to key commands and fluid levels through status icons

3) Sealed fluid cartridges enable quick replenishment of consumables without the need to interrupt printing operations

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Machine Features

  • Jet Speed Control ensures high print quality
  • Up to 60 minutes of printing when fluid cartridges are empty
  • Clean changing, sealed ink cartridges
  • Direct access to consumables
  • Single jet or bi-jet printhead configurations
  • Industrial stainless steel cabinet, IP 54 rated, IP65 available
  • Flexible, molded carbon fiber umbilical is highly resistant to cleaning solvents
  • Ultra-compact molded printhead
  • Wide choice of languages, characters, fonts and barcodes including 2D Datamatrix
  • PCMCIA and Compact Flash cards for easy transfer and backup of data
  • Quick-connect makes movement from one packaging line to another fast & easy
  • 71 or 115 dpi print resolution
  • Works on most bag surfaces
  • For installation / integration with new or existing machinery!

Options / Accessories

  • Printhead Pressurization Kit
  • Printer Stand (Aluminum or Stainless Steel Construction)
  • Printhead Stand (Stainless Steel Construction)
  • Integration with all of our Doboy Continuous Bag Sealers
  • Printhead Brackets
  • Printhead Protection Sleeve
  • Photo Cell
  • Encoder
  • Alarm Beacon (24V)

Machine Specifications


Model 9020 Model 9030
Message Alpha/Text, Logos, Barcodes Alpha/Text, Logos, Barcodes
Fonts 5, 7, 9, 11, 16 and 24 dot

5, 7, 9, 11, 16 & 24 dot,

48 dot (for bi-jet head)

Character Height 0.07" to 0.33" tall 0.04" to 0.67" tall
Message Length Mono-Jet - Up to 4 Lines Bi-Jet - Up to 8 Lines
Communication RS-232 & RS-432 Optional RS-232 & RS-432, Optional Ethernet
Controller Dimensions 15.7” H x 14.4” W x 8.7” D 15.7” H x 14.4” W x 8.7” D
Printhead Dimensions 2.1” H x 1.4” W x 7.2” L 2.1” H x 1.4” W x 7.2” L
Ink Options Quick-Dry & Alcohol Based

Quick-Dry, Alcohol

or Water Based

Print Speed Up to 866 FPM Up to 1,082 FPM
Display WYSIWYG / Backlit / Blue WYSIWYG / Backlit / Blue
Message Memory Up to 100 Messages Up to 880 Messages
Washdown Rated? NO YES
Pneumatic Not Required Compressed Air Required
Electric 120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz 120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz

Dependent on bag size and product

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This printing system is ideal for integration with almost any bag sealer!

Sealers like the Doboy B-500, CBS-D, S-CH-S, AT, PC-600, HDPT, and GS-1000 sealers or Thiele Technologies' 4600 and 4601 PBOM bag sealers and closers!

Click the model numbers for more information!

The SQ/2 can also be mounted on conveyers for high quality case printing, labeling, and bag identification.