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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Emboss Coder for Bags

Embosses clear, legible text into seal area on almost all bag surfaces!

Photo-eye triggers clutch mechanism to impress one image per package.  Timer setting allows user control location of emboss code, relative to the leading edge of the bag / pouch.

Designed for integration (new factory or field installation) into Doboy continuous band bag sealers - B-450, B-450M, B-500, B-500M, B-550, B-550M, CBS-D, and CBS-DM.

Emboss Coder Wheel Photo
Emboss Coder Type in Type Wheel

Detailed Photos

Printer Features

  • Single or Double Type Stop (Single = 13 character, Double = 26 Character)
  • No ink!  Not messy!
  • Supplied Standard for 1/8" High Brass Characters
  • Photo-eye with User Programmable Time to position text on bag surface
  • For Field Installation on B-450, B-450M, B-500, B-500M, B-550, B-550M, CBS-D, & CBS-DM!
  • For Factory Installation on Doboy B-550, B-550M, CBS-D, and CBS-DM bag sealers!

Options / Accessories

  • Spare Parts Kits
  • 0.125" to 0.235" (12-24 pt) Characters Available
  • Custom Font Characters (Hour Glass, Clock, "Best By", "Sell By", etc.)
  • Extra Type Wheels for Quick-change Messages
  • If you need to print messages in INK - see the Markem Coder Online Brochure!
 Message Length
1 - 26 Characters Wide
Message Height
One or Two Rows
Character Height
1/8" Standard

This printing system is ideal for integration with Doboy band sealers!

For use with Doboy B-500, B-500M, B-550, B-550M, CBS-D, and CBS-DM

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