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PalletPal - Ergonomic Manual Palletizing Station

- The PalletPal 360 -

The PalletPal 360 is an ergonomic, manual palletizing, pallet-loading device.  It presents the pallet and product stack at a comfortable level for loading & stacking; automatically adjusting the level of the pallet as products are loaded onto the stack.

Pallet Pal is easy to use and eliminates the need for operators to bend, stoop, and reach to put  products on a pallet.

Reduce the risk of employee back injuries caused by stopping, lifting, and bending during your palletizing operation. The revolutionary Pallet Pal takes the effort out of manually palletizing and stacking bags, boxes, cans, pails, and almost any other item onto a pallet.

PalletPal Ergonomic Stacking Station Photo

Pallet Pal - Designed for ergonomic manual palletizing / pallet stacking of bags, boxes, cartons, pails, ...

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Machine Features

  • Rugged Tubular Steel Frame
  • Perimeter Ball Bearing Supported Turntable (Round - 43 5/8" OD)
  • Rotator Ring Disc Cover (12 Gauge Solid Steel Cover for Pallet-Pal)
  • Spring Load Dampener for Smooth Rising and Lowering
  • 9.5" to 28" Top of Turntable Range
  • Fork Pockets for Easy Relocation
  • Capacity**: 500 to 4,500# Gross Pallet Weight, 60" Max Pallet Height
  • Finish: Burgundy Paint with OSHA Safety Yellow on Turntable and Fork Pockets
  • Two-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty - Parts & Labor
  • Made in the USA

Options / Accessories

  • Black Phenolic Cover (lays under rotator ring with foam spacers)
  • Rotator Ring Disc Cover (12-Gauge Solid Steel Cover – for slightly damaged pallet use)
  • Up to 54” Square or Rectangular Steel Top Plate w/ Rounded Corners, welded to Rotator Ring
  • Without Rotator Ring
  • Rotator Ring Lock Kit
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Casters
  • Additional Standard Springs
  • Epoxy-coated Springs (for Wet and Food Environments)
  • Bellows Accordion Skirting – alternating Safety
  • Yellow and Black pleats
  • Special Colors (Standard Machinery Enamel)
  • ZRC™ Finish
  • Steel-It™ Finish
  • Galvanized Finish
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction

Machine Specifications

PalletPal Dimensions Drawing

Compact, Simple Design

Only Required for Pneumatic Unit
Not Required

** Various spring combinations are available to achieve optimal loading heights for different pallet weights and height configurations.