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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Material Handling, Palletizing, and Conveying Equipment

The BaggingGuys offer a variety of Case Taping, Material Handling and Palletizing equipment for your operation.  Click the links below to see additional information and to request competitive pricing for your taping, palletizer or conveyor application!

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Case Tapers and Case Packing Stations

CT-7 Case Taper Photo CT-33PS Case Taper Photo
CT-7 SA Case Taping Station CT 33PS Case Loading / Taping Station

Semi-Automatic Case Taping

(Top & Bottom Simultaneously)

Semi-Automatic Case Erecting & Taping

Automatically closes bottom flaps!

SuperTaper 1M SuperTaper 1X

Semi-Automatic Case Taping

Simultaneous Taping of TOP & BOTTOM!

Case Loading Station with Case Taping

Simultaneous Closing & Taping of TOP & BOTTOM!


High Level Bag Palletizers and Robotic Palletizers

Master 3000 Bag Palletizer Master 4000 Bag Palletizer

High-Level Bag Entry, Fully Automatic

 Speeds up to 2200 Bags per Hour

High-Level Bag Entry, Fully Automatic

 Speeds up to 2400 Bags per Hour

Master 6000 Bag Palletizer Robotic Bag Palletizer

High-Level Bag Entry, Fully Automatic

 Speeds up to 4200 Bags per Hour

Custom Robotic Handling Equipment

Flexible & Fully-Automatic

Low Level Bag Palletizers (bags enter low)

PalletPal Manual Palletizing Station Photo
Master 1000 Bag Palletizer Manual Palletizing Station

Low-Level Bag Entry, Automatic, Modular Design

Dependable, Durable, Cost-Effective

Automatically keeps pallet load at ergonomic height for easy pallet loading and unloading

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Basic Belt Conveyors

Single Belt Slider Bed Single Belt Roller Bed
V-Trough Double Belt
Gravity Roller Belt or Chain-driven Live Roller
Rotary Accumulation Table Drag Chain
Ball Transfer Slat
Compression Conveyors Pattern Forming
Table Top Chain Vertical / Elevator
Pneumatic Screw & Auger Feed
Pallet Conveyors Bulk Material Conveyors
Truck Loading Power Curve
Stainless Steel Construction Medical and Food Grade

Conveyor System Components

Ergonomic Load Handling Equipment