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Heat  Sealing  Equipment  for  Mil-Spec &  Industrial  Bag  Packaging  Applications

Bagging Conveyors & Conveying Equipment

BaggingGuys offers a variety of conveyor equipment for your operation. Call us today or click the links below to request information & competitive pricing for your conveyor application!

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Basic Belt Conveyors

Single Belt Slider Bed Slider Bed Bagging Conveyor

Used for supporting bag weight during bag sealing operation.  Available in a variety of sizes and configurations - Heavy-duty shown with optional Bag Guide.

Low-profile Slider Bed Conveyor Slider Bed Bagging Conveyor

Supports light-weight bags during sealing operation.  Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and configurations.

MDSB Conveyor MDSB Bagging Conveyor

Medium Duty Conveyor - Supports bag weight during bag sealing operation.  Available in a variety of sizes and configurations - MDSB shown.

HDSB Conveyor HDSB Bagging Conveyor

Heavy-duty Conveyor - Supports bag weight during bag sealing operation.  Available in a variety of sizes and configurations - HDSB shown.

V-Trof Bagging Conveyor V-Trough Bagging Conveyor

Excellent Conveyor for bags that tend to fall over during conveying - most commonly used with PBOM bags and for bagging lines that have automatic bag hanging/filling equipment.

Table Top Belt Conveyor Tabletop Bagging Conveyor

Ideal for small, light-weight bags and containers!  Carries bags through sealers in a vertical position.

Variable Speed!

Compression Conveyor Compression Bagging Conveyor for Air Reduction

Used to compress air out of bags prior sealing.  Ideal for applications like tortilla bagging, apparel, T-shirts, photographic film products, ...

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Wire Mesh Conveyor Wire Mesh Bagging Conveyor

Typically used in fertilizer, salt & stone bagging environments.  Dirt and dust falls through the openings in the mesh belt.

Horizontal Transfer Bag Transfer Conveyor

Transfers bags from point A to point B.  Can be flat or incline, straight or curved.  Can be used to meter (pace) bags into automatic palletizers.

Incline / Takeaway Conveyor Incline Conveyor

Moves bags and materials from one level to another.  Typical for removing bags from under Autobaggers and Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal machines.

Usually have a cleat-style belt.

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Conveyor System Components:

Bag Turner Bag Knock-down Turning Conveyor

From a vertical position, knocks bag over and turns bag so that the bottom of the bag is the leading edge.  Typically used immediately after a bagging conveyor to prepare the bag for butt-first conditioning in a bag flattener.

Bag Kicker Bag Kicker

Kicks bag 90° onto another conveyor.  Can be mounted on an existing bagging conveyor or bag kicker can be supplied with its own 48" OAL belt conveyor.

Typically used at the end of a bagging conveyor to turn the bag 90° and prepare it for butt-first conditioning in a bag flattener.

Bag Flattener Bag Flattener Conveyor

2-Belt conveyor that levels material in bag to allow for more uniform pallet stacking.

Bag travels butt-first between two belts that force the material to lay flat in the bag.

Pneumatic Conveyor Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor

Vacuum system automatically transfers bulk material from Point A to Point B.  Great for batching, filling hoppers, silos, emptying supersacks and gaylords, etc!

Typical applications include plastic pellets, resin pellets, grains, coffee (green, whole bean, and ground), minerals, chemicals, pharmaceutical materials, ...

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Ergonomic Load Handling Equipment:

Incline Conveyor with Roller Accumulation Table Incline Bagging Conveyor

Delivers bag from bag closing conveyor up to a convenient height for manual palletizing. Works great with the PalletPal Manual Palletizing Station!

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