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PouchMan APS-12 Validatable Tabletop Medical Sealer

The PouchMan APS-12 Tabletop Medical Heat Sealer is a semi-automatic medical pouch sealer designed securely close the open end of Tyvek and Foil medical pouches.

Designed with the user in mind, the APS-12 offers fast, consistent, and reliable pouch sealing in a robust, industrial strength platform.  Once the pouch is placed in the seal area, its presence is sensed and the seal process is automatically activated. It is ideal for sealing medical device pouches and much more

PouchMan APS-12 Photo
Simplified pouch sealing is realized with a unique Sense and Seal Technology.

Machine Features

  • Automatically Seals Pouch When Inserted into Seal Jaw
  • Cycle Speeds up to 30 Seals Per Minute*
  • Handles Pouches up to 12.0"
  • 3/8" Standard Seal Width
  • Computerized Controls  with Precise Digital Temperature Controls
  • Fully-Validatable Tabletop Heat Sealer
  • Adjustable Seal Position
  • Designed for Clean-room Use
  • Constructed Principally of Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Ethernet Functionality with Validation Ports

Options / Accessories

  • Emboss Coder
  • Foot Pedal Switch with Integrated Guard

Machine Specifications

Tyvek & Foil Laminates
Bag Width Range
Up to 12"
Bag Length Range
Pouching Sealing Rate
Up to 30 PPM*
23.25" OAL x 7.25" OAD x 11.25" OAH
Approx. 30 pounds
80-110 PSI - Clean, Dry Air
110 V / 50 or 60 Hz / Single Phase
* Dependent on pouch material and operator ability.  Calculation assumes a 1-second load time.  Some applications may require longer cycle times.

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